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Fly over guards heads as a bat, move unseen in the dark and phase through barriers as a cloud of bloody mist. Use all your vampire powers to recover what’s yours!

Vampire Heist a puzzle/stealth game coming to October 8th for PC/Mac and Linux.

​Use all the powers available to you to find a way past the guards, without losing your loot.

You're a vampire tasked with stealing back artifacts from the mortal world. You must use your powers to get the purple bags to the end of each area while avoiding the gunfire of the guards.

Just be sure to keep your powers topped up by basking in the red moon light… and watch out for bullets.

​Wanting to make a puzzle game that focused on some of the more out there vampire powers, 'Vampire Heist’ is a game that truly let you feel like an unseen master of the night!

For the best experience we recommend playing with an XBox controller if available.


This is Birdmask Studio's first ever GameJamPlus! First created for, and was the runner up of April's #VampireJam. This is part of our ongoing project to make a series of small, fun and affordable games, releasing them as regularly as we can. 

We're a brother and sister team - we design and make all of our games together and put pretty much all our demos and gamejams on to play for free so check them out and please let us know what you think so we know what to improve and which game to make next!

To see more of our work and updates on our other projects check the main page of this website.

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