Birdmask Studio is an indie game development studio based in the UK. We are currently planning to produce a whole string of little gamejams and small games for you to download on this website for free.

We keep our twitter (@birdmaskstudio) full of live game development nuggets where you can track how we're getting on with our various projects and games. We hope you enjoy our work and will support our future releases! As we are releasing everything here for free we also have a Patron page to help keep us going  - but most of all we hope you enjoy what we do!


We are a brother and sister team;


Lorcan McGarry-Hunt 

Founder, Developer, Designer

UCA Farnham, Games Design Arts

Jo McGarry-Hunt

Designer and faffer

Central Saint Martins BA

Slade School of Fine Art MFA

Please feel free to contact us via email or twitter and let us know what you think!

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