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What Is Days With Dino?

Game Summary


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Our second game looking at active ragdolls, play a fully physical character with 3 stages  as you wander around a small open-world and hunt bugs, cavemen and more, in order to become a fully grown T-Rex.

+ Plus try out our extra prototype levels from the game development - experiments with different move sets, scales, and more destroyable objects.


  • Play a procedurally animated active ragdoll T-Rex.

  • 3 playable stages, baby, teen and adult.

  • 5  different ragdoll mobs to hunt and find.

  • A small open-world island to explore.

  • 4 Prototype levels from early development

    • Proto Dino

    • Dino Wilds 

    • City Destroyer 

    • Race Track

Quick Info


Studio Info​

  • Made By 'Birdmask Studio LTD'

  • Brother and Sister studio based in the UK

  • Established in 2018

Game Info

  • Genre: Casual, Open World, Indie

  • Release Date: (Provisional) 30th August 2021

  • Available On:

  • Price: £1.44 / $2.00

  • Platforms: PC (Windows Only)

  • Development Time: 6 Months

  • Is our 5th Commercial game

  • 2nd Game focusing on active ragdolls

  • Best played with gamepad but also playable with mouse & keyboard

The Team



3D Artist


Level Designer





Development Of Days With Dino

After finishing our first Active Ragdoll game 'Gaggle Brains' we began work on 'Days With Dino'. The game came from one of our ragdoll experiments with balancing characters, where we were attempting to make a system based on using a tail. This eventually evolved into making the tail on legs into a T-Rex, which we found so novel to play with that we started to develop game ideas based around it.


Here are links to our devlogs on, and our update videos during development

More images, videos and smaller updates can be found on our companies social media pages


Developing and refining the animation of active ragdolls, in order to add more complexity to the interactions the physical characters can have in basic gameplay, is our current obsession as a studio, and is something we hope to continue developing in our titles


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