September 5, 2018

Lorcan here, developer of Birdmask Studio, it’s been a while since we managed to get our first title safely out into the waters and I thought it was high time I sat down and made an update on what I’m doing and my general plans.

For those interested in the specifics of ‘Wats’ you can check out this blog here:

What I’m Doing Now

Once ‘Wats’ was safely out and we confirmed no problems with its release (we even managed to get some reviews for which we are very thankful for!!) I wanted to get right into the next project. Each project I try to find some way to shore up on skills I am lacking and after ‘Wats’ I wanted to make something more traditionally ‘gamey’ in structure (I’m told that’s not the best descrip...

June 16, 2018

I've just released my first game to market on the Oculus mobile VR store. While it's all still fresh I thought I should write up a quick retrospective on what developing my first indie game was like here a year after finishing Uni. Update: Recently Featured on Gamasutra

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