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Welcome to the new Birdmask Pantry!

The Birdmask Pantry is where you will find every gamejam and little experiment I make over the next few months as I try to develop my ideas as a game developer after my first release 'Wats! VR Pest Control' on Oculus last year.


As a one-man studio I have a hard time competing with bigger studios and getting the kind of feedback that helps me improve my here I'm hoping that you will come, play and join the subreddit to comment, and discuss gamedevs in general! In return I am giving all my games away for free, making as many tutorials as I can (feel free to make requests), and giving away some freebie animations and models to help you get started with your own.

So please get involved! I love making games and your comments and engagement means the world and helps me improve every day - and maybe if you like what I do and can help keep the pantry stocked visit my patron page.

- Lorcan



april '19


The Spooktacular Vampire Thief

Use your powers to phase through doors!!

Turn into a bat and fly to new heights.

Use the shadows to remain unseen from mortal eyes.

Replenish yourself with the light of the blood moon.

Recover our Ancient Relics from the mortals.

Just, you know, watch out for bullets...

Yeah... we mean it.


This is my submission for the April 2019 #VampireJam, a vampire stealth/puzzle game focusing  on the cool stuff you can do with some of the more out there supernatural vampire powers.

For the best experience I recommend playing with an XBox controller.

The time spent was around 42 hours over 5 days. This is my first game jam!


april '19

Ghostly Repo: Collateral Recovery

Sneak into the house and exact your revenge on the pathetic mortal!

A spectre is on the hunt for the mortal that stole a talisman from their abode - you must sneak into a house party with your ghostly abilities and make things right.

Take on the forms of others, apparate to mortals through walls and use your powers to jinx electronics, but do so unseen - or else you may find yourself banished from the building by your prey!

This is our submission for the April 2019 #ScreamCity game jam that went on from the 12th to the 22nd.

A ghost themed stealth game that takes some inspiration from the classic 2003 game ‘Ghost Master’.The time spent was around 75 hours over 10 days. This is my first time attempting cutscenes, voice narration and building a proper narrative into the gameplay.


MAY '19

Burning Down The House

You're just a little flame with one simple objective - BURN THINGS! Go from flammable boxes to candles and even hop out on your own for a little while, just make sure to not get put out, and watch out for those pesky sprinklers!

This is our submission for the May 2019 #SosJam game jam that took place from the 20th of May to the 1st of June. The theme was a song title, I picked the song ‘Burning Down The House’ by Talking Heads.

A point and click/ platformer where you, as a little ball of flame must go through rooms burning things to make you way to the end.


JUNE '19


Still Stones

Stack the stones as high as you can - that's it!

With the stones getting weirder in shape and less likely to stay together use all your balancing skills to keep your tower standing...think Tower of Pisa meets Jenga in this deceptively tricky game of skill.

This is our submission for the June 2019 #ExtraGameJam that took place for 5 days from May 30th to June 4th.

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