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We are Birdmask Studio, a brother and sister indie game dev company based in the UK. We released our first game 'Wats! VR Pest Control' back in 2018 and have developing ever since.

Check out Development blog to see what game we are making at the moment and take a look at the list below to see the free and commercial games we have available right now!

Gaggle Brains

Gaggle Brains! is a short puzzle game with 16 levels and simple controls. Steer your crowd of procedurally animated, physics driven humans, past multiple hordes of zombies - try to get as many past the finish line as possible.


Vampire Heist

Fly in the air or crawl through vents as a bat, sneak unseen in the dark and even phase through barriers as a cloud of bloody mist. Use all the powers available to you to find a way past the guards, without losing your loot.


Free Game Jam Entries

Since 2019 we have taken part in multiple GameJams on Check out our itch to play some free short games!


Yule Bash

A simple multiplayer game, one level where two teams fight against each other using the items inside the gift boxes to stun and throw members of the other team into the fireplace. Whichever team has  last man standing wins.


Wats! VR Pest Control - Go/GearVr

Catch all five in the quickest time to get the highscore - but you need to explore the room, get to know Mac, and throw the perfect 180 on the dartboard to score the flawless round!

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